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New Cadets

Welcome new cadets!

Welcome to the Squadron 29 Family! 

Being a new cadet can be overwhelming, so here are a few resources to help you get started.

Required items for each meeting:

  • hydration 
  • note taking material 

Meeting layout (monthly) 

  • First Wednesday: Leadership ABU (Airman Battle Uniform)
  • Second Wednesday: Aerospace ABU (Airman Battle Uniform)
  • Third Wednesday: PT (PT gear preferred black)
  • Forth Wednesday: Character (Dress Blues - Class B)
  • Fifth Wednesday: TBD


Please go to CAPR 39-1 for a more detailed listing on all uniform regulations. 

Warm weather

  • Rolled ABU sleeves or short sleeve Blues uniform 

  • Short Sleeve Undershirt

Cold Weather

  • Black or Green beanie are recommended 

  • Under gear is recommended – thermals: long sleeve and leggings

  • Jacket is required if below 40 degrees

Airman Battle Uniform (ABU)

  • This is the uniform worn to the 1st and 2nd Meeting of every month

  • It is meant for easy movement and storage. It is worn during training, O-flights, NCSAs, and meetings. 

  • This is the 1st uniform that you should receive 

    • The squadron can provide some of the items depending on size, so please email or ask about them before you buy

  • Links to all of the items: 

Civilian Attire

  • This is worn by prospect cadets, on specific occasions, cadets without a completed uniform, and 5th meetings of the month

  • This can be any appropriate attire 

Physical Training Uniform (PT Uniform) 

  • This is the uniform worn to the 2nd Meeting of every month

  • It meant for our fitness training exercise 

  • This will be weather appropriate black/navy attire: 

    • Recommendation:  Black/navy Sweatpants, sneakers, and a T-shirt (tan preferred)

    • Other Acceptable Outfits: Black/navy - Sweatshirts, Leggings, shorts (of appropriate length)

Blues Uniform - Class B

  • This is the uniform worn to the 4th meeting of every month

  • It is meant for ceremonies and formal events–DO NOT run or do physical labor in this uniform

  • This uniform should be purchased after the cadet has achieved their 1st achievement–the Curry Award

    • They will receive a voucher in their email for a discount on these items after the first promotion.

Links to all items: 


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